About Us

At 24theLaundry we hope to bring convenience to our customers' lives by offering a totally self-service wash and dry laundry accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our objectives are to provide customers with reasonable washing and drying rates and services that are convenient and available round the clock without ant compromise on quality.

We take pride in maintaining our machines and premises at the highest cleanliness and hygiene standard to ensure customers have a pleasant experience.

Customers who have patronized our outlets would find it substantially cheaper to use our services than any drop-off laundry. Affordability is as important as quality , compared to our competitors we are proud to say we offer the most value for your money. Importing our machines europe, and having our detergents made by Eco-Lab in the United States shows our deep concern of quality, and for the convince of the customers these top grade detergents and softeners are offered free with no extra cost. Other than having strict policy to ensure highest standards at our premises we have a 24 hours hotline to ensure you that our technical team are always by your side if a need arises.

Our Services